Motocross Filming Tips

Let’s be honest, we’ve all pulled off an outstanding trick or manoeuvre whilst Motocross riding that would have blown away everyone that had seen it. However more often than not these moments are often done when nobody is watching, so what do you do? You rush to tell everybody all about it but they either don’t believe you or it never sounds quite as good when you describe it, leaving you thinking, ‘if only they could have seen it’.


You now have the chance to be able to show anyone you want by filming your run for everybody to see and recording it for posterity. It’s great fun but it’s not just for show-offs, filming yourself out on the bike has the added benefit of improving you as a rider, as you can spot any little mistakes you may be making and rectify them the next time you run.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself the correct equipment with which to film. The GoPro range is the King of the action cameras and gives you the ultimate in HD quality picture and sound. As the World’s leading wearable camera brand the GoPro provides you with an outstanding first person perspective of every inch of your ride, capturing everything exactly the way you experienced it. Simple to use, lightweight and able to be fitted either on your bike or mounted on your helmet, you can be sure that whatever you capture will look and feel every bit as good as the real thing.

Now that you’ve got your camera it’s time to get out there and test it. Find yourself a good location, (you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to do this, just choose a place you think will look good on camera) and start riding. If the camera is helmet mounted it may feel a little strange but you’ll get used to it, you may even start doing over the top commentaries to accompany what you’re filming for comedic/dramatic effect.

The important thing is to have fun with it, the more you experiment the better you’ll get. So whether you just want to show a group of mates or put it on YouTube for the world to see, the GoPro camera will give you exactly what you need.