The 2017 Fox Instinct Boot Review

The 2017 Fox Instinct Boot Review

The Fox Instinct Boot in the 2017 design is both stylish and technologically advanced and comes in a wide range of colour styles. Not only is this boot sleek and comfortable, but it also helps riders connect better with their bike. Improved safety and control help riders dominate in their next race. With just a small amount of break-in time, these boots will become your favorite pair before you know it.

p-123446-2017_MX_12252_001_1 The 2017 Fox Instinct Boot Review

Advanced Comfort and Appearance

Providing all-day comfort, customers find it’s possible to keep these boots on for a full day at the track or for extra-long rides without them feeling painful or confining. These boots are also easy to get in and out of. The profile of this boot is notably slim and they’re light to wear with practically no bulk. The bold, colorful design of these boots complements motocross gear and makes any rider’s look pop. Customers note the perfect, close fit that’s true to size, though some customers have had luck getting a half- or full-size above their normal size. To get the best size, it’s recommended to refer to your normal shoe size.

Patented Hinge and Buckle System

The exclusive, patented hinge and buckle system provides extra comfort and support as soon as the rider steps into their boots. The hinge lockout offers lateral support and locks to stop motion before rolling the ankle or boot hyper-extension. The buckles flex easily in order to improve range and ease of movement. The main purpose of the hinge and buckle system is to protect the rider’s ankles during riding and, in the worst case scenario, a wreck. It may also be able to provide extra support and comfort for riders who have had ankle issues or injuries in the past. The fourth hinge and strap provides the most support for the ankle area; in other boots that only have three straps, the ankle is not supported as securely.

Extra Grip and Durability with Duratac Rubber

Duratac rubber, which was engineered by the Fox development team, gives riders a major advantage thanks to its advanced grip and durability. The Instinct’s Duratac sole enhances grip on the bike pegs, and the extra grip on the flat, inner area of the boot makes it easy for riders to squeeze the bike. The boot’s outsole and burn guard, also made with Duratac, increases durability, grip and protection.

Better Control Through Smart Design

The Fox Instinct Boot elevates motocross performance by giving the rider better control of their bike. The slim, medial profile keeps riders close to their bike, allowing them to intuitively feel the ride. The Duratac burn guard increases grip, offering extra control. The low-ride chassis, which puts the rider’s foot closer to the ground and the foot peg, makes it easy to smoothly shift and also to control the back brake. The toe box is slim and short, which also improves shifting because it’s easier to get the boot under the shifter.


The Fox Instinct Boot retails at £399.99 and provides excellent value. For more information about POA Racing’s range of Fox Instinct Boots visit our boots section.

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