Fox V1 Falcon Helmet Review

Fox V1 Falcon Helmet Review

The Fox V1 Falcon Helmet sets the standard for head protection, combining comfort, durability and performance with the upmost in safety. The shell is strong and durable, protecting the rider’s head in the event of a crash or other type of mishap. Advanced comfort and ventilation systems allow the rider to focus on their bike and the course instead of worrying about helmet discomfort. The V1 Falcon Helmet also surpasses current safety standards to keep every rider protected as best as possible. With a fun, youthful design, this helmet’s appearance is on par with its performance and protection capabilities.

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Construction and Comfort

The strong, injection-molded polycarbonate shell is highly durable. Polycarbonate is a strong, hard plastic that can be shaped when heated; injection molding is when the material is injected into a mold. This helmet’s design also includes protective foam.

The helmet’s mesh comfort liner and cheek pads with ventilation vents make it comfortable and easy to wear. The inner lining is made with moisture-control material that wicks moisture from the skin. Proper ventilation makes it possible to spend extra time at the track without irritation from overheating or sweat. The V1 Falcon Helmet weighs just 4 kg.

Advanced Ventilation System

Seven intake vents at the front and four exhaust vents in the rear allow cool air to flow, expelling excess heat to prevent heat buildup. This advanced cooling system has comfort benefits for the rider.


The V1 Falcon Helmet meets and exceeds current safety standards, including ECE 22.05 and DOT certifications. ECE 22.05 is a motorcycle helmet safety standard set by the Economic Commission for Europe and it’s used in over 50 countries throughout Europe. DOT standards are set by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The interior includes an EPS protection liner – EPS foam is lightweight and absorbs impact. The polycarbonate shell is also extremely durable to provide extra protection in the event of a fall or crash.

Sizing and Fit

The V1 Falcon Helmet comes in three sizes for children: small, medium and large. The small helmet measures 18 ½ to 18 7/8 inches; the medium helmet measures 19 ¼ to 19 ¾ inches; and the large helmet measures 20 to 21 ½ inches. Customers say that the helmet is true to size and has a precise fit. To get the best fit possible, use a cloth measuring tape. Wrap the tape around your head, just above your brows and ears. Pull the tape until it’s comfortably snug, then take the largest length measurement. For example, if the measurement falls between two sizes, opt for the larger of the two.


Fox’s V1 Falcon Helmet comes in a bold and striking array pf colors and graphics which add style to any rider.


The Fox V1 Falcon Helmet retails at around £128 or  £110 for youth versions.

More Information

For more information about the Fox V1 Helmets stocked by POA Racing see our Fox Motocross Helmets section or call us on 01257 450660.

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