Choosing the Right Motocross Helmet

helmet-gpx-4.5-v22-limeteal-2018_3_1_1-300x278 Choosing the Right Motocross HelmetA helmet is probably one of the most important parts of a motocross rider’s protective gear. In the early days, the helmets used to be hard plastic or fiber shells lined with shock absorbing material. However, with advancement in technology, the quality of helmets has drastically improved and today, you can find a wide range of high quality helmets on the market. Choosing a helmet based on its colour and the graphics patterns on them isn’t such a good idea, considering that the helmet is for protecting you in the event of a accident. So, here are a few tips which will help you in choosing the right motocross helmet.

Set the Bar in Terms of Budget, Standards and Designs

There are so many varieties of helmets available today, that there is every possibility you could bring home something which may not be suitable for your needs. So, before going to shop, decide your budget, the safety standards the helmet must satisfy, and also your ideal choice of colour. The colour is also important as it will enhance the overall look, when out riding your motocross bike. The safety standards are probably the most important factors of the lot and you mustn’t compromise on this. There are various agencies, such as the DOT , that certify helmets. Helmets from certified companies have stickers which depict that they abide by a particular standard. If you don’t find those stickers on the helmet you fancy, you have to move on to the next one.

Choosing the Perfect Fit

After picking a helmet, try it on. It should fit snugly around your head with no space in between. After wearing the helmet, there should not be any gap in between your head and the helmet. Also, while trying the helmet, put on the strap, which usually has an adjustable band. Adjust it in a way such that the strap is firmly strapped to your chin. This is imperative as the strap holds the helmet in place, in case your orientation changes during an accident. Ensure that visibility is adequate even while wearing the helmet. You should have a visibility angle of at least 120° while wearing the helmet.

Visual Check

Before deciding to buy, inspect the helmet closely. Check all the linings, the rubber fastenings, and the surface of the helmet. Sometimes, there can be some minor flaws in the build, which sometimes are the difference between life and death in the event of a serious accident. Follow all these steps, and you will definitely have the best motocross helmet that your budget can buy you.