Staying Safe in Motocross

Everybody loves the thrill of riding a motocross bike around the track. Breakneck speeds, thrilling twists and turns, adrenalin pumping excitement and endless possibilities of stunting are some of the top reasons for someone taking up motocross bike riding. However, you also must ensure that the risks are minimized as much as possible. There have been incidents where people have died or have been left disabled for life in motocross bike accidents. It sounds scary, but is true. To avoid this, there is protective gear that will shield you in every possible way and in the event of an accident, will ensure that your injuries are reduced as much as possible.

Here is some of the must-have equipment while riding motocross.

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Jacket, Pants and Gloves

There are specially manufactured jackets, pants and gloves for motocross. They are made using a special type of fabric which will resist rips. Sliding and falling is common in motocross riding and wearing these clothes will not only ensure that you avoid the task of adding clothes to your wardrobe after every fall, but will also prevent scratches and bruises to your body. They will also have extra padding at more vulnerable areas such as elbows, knees and knuckles.

While buying gloves, try them on and check with your hands in a position similar to when you are riding a bike. This will let you know if you are comfortable with the pair you are buying, which you might have to wear for a couple of hours on the trot. Jackets, gloves and pants are usually available in fashionable colors also.

Protective Pads and Body Armor

Have you seen the body armor worn by warriors in a Hollywood movie? Your motocross body armor will somewhat be along similar lines. But unlike in movies, your body armor will be manufactured using light weight plastic or fiber. It will protect your upper body, shoulders and limit the damage to your neck in the event of a crash.

Guards and Boots

There are special knee and elbow guards which you should use to protect your joints. Knees and joints are the most impacted in motocross accidents and the padding on your motocross clothes is not sufficient. Motocross boots comprehensively protect everything from your feet up to your knees. Some boots come with replaceable soles that will prolong the duration you can use your motocross boots. All these protective equipments are a must before stepping on to the motocross track.