10 Motocross Training Tips

For anyone taking up Motocross it would be easy to think it’s as simple as buying the correct gear, getting on the bike and getting out there. However, if you’re really serious about Motocross then it’s important you have as much information as possible before you get going. To that end we’ve put together a quick list of 10 things you need to be doing during your training. It’s not really a countdown as such; these tips are more of a guide to help you become a better, safer Motocross rider. They are, in no particular order as follows:

Check Your Bike Thoroughly Before You Start Training

This is vital for both beginners and more experienced riders alike. Before starting the engine you need to make sure you check the air pressure in your tyres, as well as making sure the oil and other fluids on the bike are all at their correct levels. If you do this before every training session then pretty soon it will become second nature and you won’t even realise you’re doing it. It is equally as important to check your bike at the end of every session; doing so will inform you if anything went wrong with the bike during your training run.

Wear The Correct Safety Equipment At All Times…Training Included

You may be tempted to think that because it’s only training, you can get away with being a little more relaxed regarding what you wear. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Motocross can be a dangerous pursuit and there is a risk of getting hurt every time you get on a bike. Of course training isn’t as dangerous as racing but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear the correct equipment at all times. Wearing your helmet and suit during training ensures you will be safe; it also means you will become accustomed to the equipment quicker and be more relaxed when riding.

During Training, Ensure You Have An Experienced Motocross Racer With You

There is no substitute for experience and having an older rider with you will help you in more ways than you could imagine. Having someone like this with you will aid your training as they will provide safety tips, point out any small mistakes you’re making, how to make the correct adjustments and generally help you to become a better rider.

Don’t Be Worried About Making Mistakes

Training is the time to make your mistakes as you will then know how to go about ironing out those mistakes when it comes to actual racing. Don’t be afraid to really push yourself when it comes to jumps and turns. After all, you need to see what areas of your training need improvement so that when it comes to race day, you’ll know exactly how to approach it.

You Know Your Strengths…Concentrate On Your Weaknesses

In order to become a better racer it makes sense to try and eliminate the weaker parts of your riding. You know what you’re good at, and while you can always improve you should really learn how to focus on the weaker areas of your game. If you are good at jumps but lack confidence with turns then put most of your efforts into correcting this by looking out for tracks with plenty of turns and keep practising. You will soon become a more well rounded rider.

Racing Is Good

Racing during training isn’t a bad thing. Firstly, it will be a much more relaxed atmosphere than during an actual race so there will be no nerves on your part. Secondly it will get you accustomed to the ins and outs of what it is like to take part in an actual race and all the experiences that come with it, such as how to deal with other riders on the track.

Don’t Stick To The Same Track

They say variety is the spice of life; this is also very true of Motocross riding. If you’re serious about Motocross as a career then you will be riding on many different tracks in various parts of the country. As every track is different, it’s better for you to experience how it feels to ride different tracks as early as possible. If you’ve stuck to the same track you may find yourself predicting all the various undulations, twists and turns you’ve become used to. If this happens when you arrive at a new track you may find yourself in trouble.

Try Driving A Track Backwards Once In A While

No, we haven’t lost our marbles, driving a track backwards is a great way to take yourself out of your comfort zone and give you a different perspective on things. It will no doubt feel a little strange at first, but it’s good to freshen things up every now and again.

Speed Things Up A Bit

The truth is, if you are thinking about racing you’re going to have to ride fast if you’re ever going to win anything. It’s vital that during training you do everything you can to make the real racing situation as comfortable as possible and as you’ll be riding fast in the race, you need to do so during training. You mustn’t feel afraid to ride fast during training as this feeling will spread to the race itself, potentially costing you that precious win you’ve been dreaming about.

Research Every Track Before You Race On It

If you know you’re going to be racing on a particular track then take a good look at it first. Really examine the jumps, turns and all the little things that are individual to this particular track. If you do that you can then tailor your training towards the track so that when it comes to race day, you’ll know it like the back of your hand and increase your chances of success.