MA 59901-5

Maxima Fork Fluid Racing 100% Synthetic 5wt 1 Litre

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Product Description

Maxima Racing Fork Fluid is designed to drastically reduce stiction and meet all front suspension needs on both standard & cartridge systems. This advanced formulation utilizes the latest friction reducers, anti-foam, rust & corrosion inhibitors and is resistant to oxidation & viscosity changes. This viscosity index over 190+ assures constant fork action over a wide temperature range and also contains seal conditioners and shear stable polymers for long life.


Racing Fork Fluid 5wt is the same viscosity fluid as 01, SS7, or std. KYB fluid and is recommended for most late model mx forks. Racing Fork Fluid 7wt, 10wt & 15wt is for those applications requiring greater damping. All weight grades can be blended for intermediate viscosity grades. 


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