Regina RX3 520 Chain

Regina RX3 520 Chain

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The development of the 520 RX3 motocross chain is a perfect example of Regina’s competition development. This environment demands minimal chain elongation and optimum power transmission.

Regina solved this in two ways:

Chromized pins – Exceptional pin surface hardness is achieved thanks to a special chrome treatment, which translates into maximum wear resistance. At the same time, the enhanced pin core strength means outstanding resistance to shocks and stresses encountered during use.

Shaped bushings – The special shape of the bushing eliminates the ‘barrel’ effect that occurs when a standard bushing is assembled. The result is full contact between the bushing and pin along the entire length with a subsequent reduction in specific contact pressure and hence, reduction in wear.

This chain is recommended for motocross and supermoto competition use up to 500cc.

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