Renthal Intellilever Gen 2 Brake Lever

Renthal Intellilever Gen 2 Brake Lever



Product Description

Completely redesigned, the Renthal Gen2 Intellilever®incorporates improvements into every single part of the lever with feedback from our race teams, riders and consumers over the past few years.

The revolutionary design of the Gen2 Intellilever allows the lever to dislocate during a crash, then easily pop back into place.  The design of the lever allows it to dislocate in a full 270 degrees of motion in any direction, not just up and down or forward like most other unbreakable levers on the market.  

Improvements to rider ergonomics, finish, fit, feel and function are all part of the new Gen2 Intellilever.

The Renthal IntelliLever is the first truly unbreakable lever. In the event of a crash the Intellilever can pivot 90° upwards, 90° downwards and 90° forwards and all angles in between. It is the only lever on the market which has this ability and makes broken or bent levers a thing of the past.

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