Renthal Intellilever Gen 2 Clutch Lever Assembly

Renthal Intellilever Gen 2 Clutch Lever Assembly


Product Description

Completely redesigned for, the Renthal Gen2 Intellilever®incorporates improvements into every single part of the lever with feedback from our race teams, riders and consumers over the past few years.

The revolutionary design of the Gen2 Intellilever allows the lever to dislocate during a crash, then easily pop back into place.  The design of the lever allows it to dislocate in a full 270 degrees of motion in any direction, not just up and down or forward like most other unbreakable levers on the market.  

Improvements to rider ergonomics, finish, fit, feel and function are all part of the new Gen2 Intellilever.

The Renthal Gen2 Intellilever® is available as a part of a universal clutch perch and lever assembly which includes everything you need to replace the OEM parts.  We also sell an optional hot start kit which replaces the backing plate if needed for your particular model. 

The Gen2 Intellilever® front brake lever is a direct replacement for your stock front brake lever and is designed to be used with the OEM master cylinder.


Lighter Overall Weight – A 15% weight savings and sleeker design makes the Intellilever the lightest lever of its kind on the market.

Slimmer Lever Blade – The new forged lever blade is a more ergonomic shape which improves feel while increasing strength and reducing weight.  Now also features a laser etched logo and black hard anodized finish.

Updated Lever Pivot Joint – The new design and shape of the pivot joint allows the lever to return to its home posistion more easily after a fall and the stiffer internal spring will help prevent an unintended dislocation.

All New Clutch Perch & Hardware – The clutch perch is now fully CNC machined from billet aluminum to increase strength while also reducing weight.  The new backing plate, laser etched torque specs and OEM style perch bolts make for easier setup and maintenance.  Perch is now hard anodized black and has a custom CNC machined stainless pivot bolt.

All New Cable Adjuster– The new CNC machined on-the-fly cable adjuster receives a new shape for easier adjustment while riding and larger detents for a more positive feel during use.

Updated Lever Reach Adjuster– The adjustment screw for the reach has been relocated for easier access when mounted to the handlebars and only requires a single 3mm allen key to make changes.

New Lever Shroud Design & Material– The new shape and material used for the lever shroud improves durability and ease of assembly.  The new design allows for easy removal while still mounted on the handlebars.

Hot Start Assembly Sold Separately– Now the optional hot-start assembly is available separately for those bikes which require this.  The hot start assembly is CNC machined from billet alumiunum and hard anodized black.  The hot-start assembly mounts to backside of the perch and replaces the standard backing plate.


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