Renthal Intellilever Gen 2 Clutch Lever

Renthal Intellilever Gen 2 Clutch Lever



Product Description

With the success of the Gen2 IntellileverTM, Renthal announces an expansion to the range with a selection of clutch blades designed to fit directly onto the OE perches.

The Gen2 Direct-fit IntellileverTM blades offer many of the original features of the IntellileverTM and Gen2 IntellileverTM assemblies:

1. The blade can yield 900 upward, forward or downward and all angles in between in the event of a crash, then easily pop back in place.

2. Renthal made judicious use of our CNC machines in order to reduce the overall weight of the blade.

3. The same forged lever blade technology with the improved feel while increasing strength and reducing weight. Features the same laser etched logo and black hard anodised finish.

4. The Gen2 design of the pivot joint allows the lever to return to its home position automatically after dislocation without having to knock it back into place manually is incorporated.

5. Span adjustment for each OE brand perch has been individually design to retain or improve functionality whilst retaining that all important feel of the class leading LV-111 Renthal lever assembly.

6. New lever shrouds have been designed to offer seem-less merging between the OE perches and the Renthal Gen2 Direct-fit IntellileversTM. The lever shrouds benefit from the same materials with the improved durability afforded the class leading LV-111 Renthal lever assembly.

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