Bolt Chain Adjuster Blocks KAWASAKI KX125-250 04-08, KX250F 04-16, KX450F 06-15 GREEN

Sale price£60.00


Billet Aluminum Chain Adjuster Blocks hold the wheel precisely in place while tightening the chain and stay in position even when the axle is removed!

Bolt's unique design means only one 10mm wrench is needed to make chain adjustments. Each anodized 6061 aluminum block has easy-to-read laser etched aligning marks and has lubricant pre-applied to threads on custom stainless steel fastener.

BONUS: includes 22mm metal locknut to replace stock cotter pin and castle nut.

Available in Green or Black, Fits: '04-07 KX125/250, '08-'09 KLX450R, '04-16 KX250F,'04-15 KX450F

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