RFX Race Chain Roller Blue 38mm Universal

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RFX Race Chain Roller 38mm Universal (Blue)

RFX Race Series chain rollers are manufactured to OEM specifications and use top quality polyurethane for a longer roller life and reduced chain noise.

Available for a wide variety of motorcycle applications.

  • OEM replacement.
  • Accepts all original fittings.
  • Top quality polyurethane material.
  • Ready to install including bearings.

Polyurethane construction

For reduced chain noise

Fitting Instructions

  • Remove the bolt/nut holding the old chain roller on
  • Remove the chain roller.
  • Clean the area with a penetrant lube such as Maxima MPPL.
  • Re-fit the new chain roller.
  • Replace the bolt applying some thread lock to the threads.
  • Check that the roller is free and spins easily.
  • Check chain adjustment and adjust if necessary.

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