10 of the Best Motocross Tracks in the UK

Seeking your next adrenaline-pumping adventure? Test your endurance and strength while pushing your resolve to the limit with motocross racing. Death-defying stunts, like leaps, turns and high-speed landings, require riders to instantly respond to how their bike performs on ruts, holes and bumps. Invigoratingly dangerous and endlessly exciting, motocross tracks are made of up hills, dirt roads, sharp turns and muddy paths.

Equipping yourself with a motocross bike and gear is a good start, but driving around a field or a shoddy track isn’t going to give you the rush you crave. Whether you’re looking for easy courses for kids and beginners, intermediate tracks to hone your skills, or extreme terrain with hills, jumps and sharp turns, there are plenty motocross track to choose from in the UK. Here are 10 tracks that are dominating the motocross scene in the UK.

APEX Motocross

apex-motocross-track 10 of the Best Motocross Tracks in the UK
Photo from Apex Motocross

This purpose-built motocross practice facility based in Worcestershire has features to challenge all abilities. Approximately 1,200 meters in length, the dirt track has obstacles like bowl turns, drop-offs, ski jumps, step-ups, tabletops and whoops. The wood-chipped surface means the track is rideable in practically all conditions, unless it’s very wet. (P.S. Apex started the wood-chipped track “movement” in the UK when other tracks still had a clay or sand base.) Thanks to constant grading and circuit changes (a necessity because the surface can get rough after just one day), the track will be in perfect condition whenever you ride it. Facilities include a first aid station and a paddock area.

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Canada Heights

canada-heights 10 of the Best Motocross Tracks in the UK
Photo by Sidcup Motorcycle Club

The Canada Heights track, which belongs to the Sidcup and District Motorcycle Club, is set in a scenic location in hillside woods (a particularly nice landscape for a motocross track). The track is a mixture of light sand and hard pack, and it has excellent jumps and elevation changes, including it’s best-known feature, the long uphill start.

The Club is part of the Southern Eastern Centre Motocross Combine (SEMX), a group of local adult motocross clubs that run a championship, which is the main way riders get a chance on Canada Heights. Note that the track is not open for practice days to the general public.

With Canada Heights being so close to the capital, they get loud, excited crowds on race days, and on top of motocross, the Club also runs enduros, trials and long-distance trials.

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The Cookstown and District Motocross Club has been developing their world-renowned Desertmartin track for three decades. Originally a sandpit called Porter’s Pit, the track is now leased by the Club, which was given full-planning permission. Through the years, the track ­– referred to simply as The Desert ­– has evolved to suit both riders and spectators. The large paddock is where riders park and tune their bikes, and there are several walkways, areas and facilities for spectators, including catering on race days.

The wide, fast track is fantastic for racing, and since the circuit is sand-based (which can become tough to ride), it’s a perfect challenge for even the best riders. Normally, races don’t take up the complete track, the back section being reserved for big championship races or two-day races. Purpose-built for the MX Grand Prix, today the track hosts British Championship events, the British Youth National Championship, and the Irish and Ulster championships. On days when the track is not being used, it’s rented to motocross clubs or to the Land Rover company.

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Farleigh Castle VMXdN

Farleigh Castle is arguably the most historic motocross track in the UK, and one of the world’s oldest, going all the way back to the pre-war era. The track’s name pays homage to the medieval castle that watches over it, set in the Farleigh Hungerford village. A standard of British motocross for decades and hosting the British Motocross Grand Prix for several years, it made a huge impact in 1985 when Britain’s world champion, Dave Thorpe, shocked spectators by making an unexpected last-to-first comeback. The track also hosts the annual Vets Motocross des Nations event, which is a fun look into motocross history.

The design of the track is more natural than others you may find in the UK, and though there aren’t any highly risky jumps, it’s still an incredibly fun track to ride. A notable feature are the steps that riders have to navigate when going down a hill during a wooded part of the track. Made from loamy dirt, the circuit re-grows grass yearly, which makes for prime conditions when it’s time for it to be put to use.

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FatCat Motoparc

As one of the largest motocross parks in the UK, FatCat has three tracks, plus marshalls, an on-site medic and an on-premises shop, visitor parking, and a food catering van. Even the practice tracks are surprisingly challenging, and the race track is also used for practice occasionally. Known for being among the most difficult circuits in the UK, FatCat has bumps, deep sands and ruts. Serious riders feel that if they can handle FatCat, they can conquer any track out there. They regularly hosts national events, and the site also includes a go kart circuit.

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Hawkstone International MX

Hawkstone became popular during the 70s and 80s when it hosted the British Motocross Grand Prix. The park rose to even higher fame in 1984 when Nick Haskell took a photo of George Jobe jumping over Andre Malherbe. Today, that image is one of the most iconic in motocross history. Hawkstone holds rounds of the British Motocross Championship, and in February they host a pre-season race. The sand track can get brutal, but racers still count it among their favorite circuits. Possibly the most well-known motocross obstacle in the UK is the Hawkstone Hill, one of the sport’s longest and steepest climbs.

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Matterley Basin

The track at Matterley Basin is made from hard pack soil, and it’s considered not just one of the UK’s best tracks, but also one of the best in the world. Used just one time a year, it once was the home of the British Motocross Grand Prix, and it’s also hosted the Motocross of Nations, the world’s largest dirt bike event. Riders love this circuit because it’s fast, the layout is flowing, and the jumps are enormous, especially the quad step-up. The track is set in a natural basin that has several excellent viewing points.

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Mepal MX Track

The 1.8 kilometer, sand-based Mepal track is perfect for riders who don’t want to be stuck inside all winter. The track is open during the colder months, even during imperfect weather when most other tracks in the UK are closed. Mepal has everything you need for a serious adrenaline rush, including banked corners, jumps, and tight berms. Suitable for riders of all skill levels, there’s a smaller track set inside the main one for beginners and riders-in-training.

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Mildenhall MX

This ACU-approved motoross track is technical and challenging, suitable for all levels. There are training days as well as group sessions for both adults and children, which is great for beginners who need some guidance. On-site facilities include showers and a jet wash. The light sand track is perfect if you’re looking to get used to soft conditions, and Mepal is the only track in the UK with an over/under bridge.

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Preston Docks MX

This local Lancashire track, which held the heats of the UK Motocross Trials, is technical and challenging, intended for riders of all levels. The main track is one of the UK’s British Championship tracks, and it has deep loamy berms, rhythm sections, split sections and tabletops. The junior track has loamy dirt to help beginners get used to riding. Both tracks are maintained weekly. On-site facilities include jet washing bays and a food van with benches, plus an outdoor karting facility with a 500-metre track and more than 50 karts.

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Please note that we have done our best to ensure the information contained in this guide is correct and up to date, we highly recommend that you contact the tracks before setting off to ensure they are open.