Apico Extreme Foot Pegs YAMAHA PW50 81-22, PW80 83-06, DT100-175 73-75 Blue


Sale price£87.00


Apico’s CNC’d Xtreme foot peg, similar to a conventional peg with the extra stainless steel teeth running down the centre of the peg with a 3 way mud cleaning design. Available in manufacturers anodised colourways.

The original stock rubber foot-pegs on the Yamaha PW50 are fine for most situation’s with the exception of helping our young up and coming riders learn about their feet position while on the bike.

Our Apico CNC machined foot-pegs are the perfect upgrade for our little riders to start to learn about foot-placement much easier and gain far more overall control on the bike before that first race.

PW50 81-22
PW80 83-06
DT1 68-71
DT3 73
DT80 81-82
DT100 74-75
DT125 74-75
DT175 74-75
AT1/2/3 69-73
ATM 70-71
BW80 86-90
CT1 69-71
GT1 73
GT80 74-80
GTMXF 73-79
HT1 70-71
JT1/2 71-72
LT2/3 72-73
MX80 80-82
RT1/2/3 70-73

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