Gaerne SG22 MX Boots Purple/White

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Size: UK7 / EU41
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The SG22 is the premier motocross boot choice for riders aiming to dominate the competition and achieve championship status.

The Gaerne Dual Stage Pivot System 1.0 supports the ankle with two limit switches, effectively restricting hyperextension, hyperflexion, and lateral movements. Refinements in movement geometry allow the boot to better mimic ankle movements, enhancing ergonomics without sacrificing protective features.

Air Vents near the Frontal Plate and 3D channels ensure optimal airflow, humidity evacuation, and heat dissipation, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during intense rides.

Featuring a revolutionary 3D Main Body Toe Box that enhances shifting speed by reducing sole-to-derailleur height.

The aluminum Superlight Buckles feature multiple adjustments to enable a tailored fit, while the frontal shin guard offers dual positioning options for added versatility. This combination ensures a personalized and comfortable fit, while also allowing for the seamless integration of knee protectors.

On the inner side, the Grip Guard 1.0 rubber elements enhance heat protection granting exceptional grip on the bike.

Internally, Memory Foam 1.0 stabilizes the foot, molding to the ankle shape and creating a seamless connection with the boot.

The insole provides proper support with shock-absorbing material in the rear, while the front design promotes ventilation for a cool and comfortable foot.

The Gaerne Goodyear Welted artisanal construction, a technique consistently employed by Gaerne since 1962, ensures the creation of a robust and durable sole structure. This commitment to quality craftsmanship and longevity has become a cornerstone of Gaerne motocross boots. Furthermore, this construction method allows for easy resoling, offering an opportunity to breathe new life into the boots. Our unwavering dedication to Goodyear Welted construction is a testament to our commitment to maintaining exceptional standards in our products.

The sole features strategically positioned dual-density inserts for grip, durability, traction, and cushioning during walking.

The SG22 boot is CE certified in accordance with EN 13634:2017 and Regulation EU 2016/425.

SG22 is proudly Made in Italy.

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