Pro Taper ACF Handlebar 800mm Henry/Reed Black

Sale price£185.00


Carbon Core:

Unlike traditional carbon fibre fabric, unidirectional carbon fibre is unwoven. The fibres run parallel to one another in a single direction. This allows the fibres to lay completely flat with no gaps between them. These densely concentrated fibres provide unidirectional carbon fibre with maximum longitudinal tensile strength—typically twice that of a traditional carbon fibre weave. ProTaper® ACF Handlebars use a revolutionary unidirectional carbon fibre core system to reinforce the aluminium tubing. The added strength allows the aluminium tubing wall thickness to be safely reduced in key areas, greatly decreasing weight and producing unrivalled impact-absorbing flex.


The four-stroke era has pushed motocross technology forward at an unprecedented pace. As a result, handlebars are quickly becoming crowded with hydraulic clutches, ignition mapping switches, electric starters, and more. With their innovative Control+ design, ProTaper® ACF Handlebars are the first to address this growing concern. Control+ features 220 millimetres of control space—up to 40 millimetres more than conventional 1_" handlebar designs.

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