Renthal Vintage Cloth SX Bar Pad - White/Black/Red

Sale price£19.99


Re-introducing the Renthal® Vintage Cloth Bar Pad range. What was discontinued, is now resurrected! Due to overwhelming demand, Renthal® is pleased to introduce the newly updated, iconic cloth bar pad range of the 80s & 90s.

The official and genuine Renthal® Vintage Cloth Bar Pads pays homage to the 50 year legacy of the Renthal® brand by combining the heritage of our past with the technology of today. Featuring old school Renthal branding on our renowned, vintage-style cloth material, wrapped around our current, high-density injection molded SX pad.

With over 10 colorways to choose from, Renthal’s Vintage SX Pads will provide the perfect addition to authenticate your retro build.

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